Welcome to Marana Integrative Wellness

Smart. Simple. Effective. 

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary health consultation today 

Kristi Weber, M.Ed., M.S. 

(203) 770-3949

Welcome to Marana Integrative Wellness

Smart. Simple. Effective. 

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary health consultation today 

Kristi Weber, M.Ed., M.S. 

(203) 770-3949

    What I can do for you

    Weight Management


    • Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss
    • You can exercise as much as you'd like and if you are not eating optimally, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss
    • I will educate and coach you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle by holding you accountable
    • You will receive recommendations for your individual eating plan 
    • We will ensure you are getting results  by ongoing assessment and review  
    • Body composition, muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular testing available

    Integrative Approach

    Integrative and wellness and health

    • I am happy to collaborate with your clinical care team (physician, etc.)
    • The integrative health approach combines all the elements of wellness
    • I ensure you stay on track which helps you to make right choices 
    • You don't have to go at it alone; I can help you to build your team 
    • Eight years experience at Canyon Ranch Health Resort

    Specific Goals

    fitness and exercise and wellness and health and running

    • My goal is to set you up for fitness success and shift the way of thinking from "I can't" to "I did...what's next?"   
    • Are you looking to train for an athletic event or want to try something you haven't done?  
    • Serving eight years in the Marine Corps taught me discipline and persistence
    • Goals I have completed include:  35+ marathons, two Ironman triathlons and two 50-mile races 
    • Let's get the training plan together to cross your next finish line
    • Everyone starts somewhere! 

    About Kristi Weber, M.Ed., M.S.

    Nutrition and weight loss and diet and supplements

    Clinical Nutritionist

    • I have a Master's degree in Human Nutrition 
    • Eating should be an enjoyable and healthy experience  
    • Moderation is key and yes, there is room for the "once in a while" foods  
    • I can answer supplement questions  
    • You will get personalized guidance on good nutrition and healthy eating habits that help you to reach your goals
    • I encourage a whole food diet which is simply to enjoy real food – honest food, without hidden salts, sugar and additives

    fitness and athlete and exercise

    Exercise Physiologist

    • I have both a Master's and Bachelor's degree in this exciting field  
    • Expending energy at the right intensity is critical for fitness success
    • People often work out too hard or too easy 
    • I will help you find that happy medium and create an enjoyable experience
    • You will get a specific exercise plan
    • I have always been passionate about encouraging people to be active  

    Certified Health Coach

    Certified Health Coach

    • Do you know  what to do but aren't doing it?  
    • Health Coaching is the use of evidenced-based strategies
    • Together, let's figure out the reason behind your behavior
    • Do you want to keep starting over and over again? 
    • Let me put all the elements together for something that is doable for you   
    • Successful business owner in Connecticut 5+ years 


    What people are saying

    "Kristi is the gift that keeps giving. How many of us have made resolutions only to drop them very quickly? 

    Over 20 years ago, I was going through life changes (early retirement and divorce) and had decided it was time to get more serious about my health. While I was active, I gained a few pounds, was eating less than well and was inconsistent in my routines. I needed a health coach to help make the transition in a permanent and positive way and to avoid the pitfalls. I was a skeptic when it came to exercise and lifestyle professionals. Then I met Kristi and was immediately impressed by her accomplishments in physical achievements (Ironman), experience (Marines), education (two Master's degrees), a well-rounded approach to fitness including nutrition and total professionalism and dedication. She was motivating! Just what I needed. Kristi set me on a course and I am happy to report that today I am a healthy 75 years-old and in pretty good shape. Kristi taught me long-term goals and lifestyle changes to optimize my health. I have maintained contact even though we moved to different parts of the Country. I am active and doing pretty much anything I choose to do. I workout on a regular basis, eat well, lost 30 pounds and I am thankful for the education and motivation that Kristi has always generously provided. Kristi is my hero!"

    - Bob R. 


    "The first time I met Kristi, I hadn’t raised my heart rate in 15 plus years. I wanted to turn my soft body into a more muscular one, and get healthier all the way around. My husband’s nutritionist had recommended her, said she was wonderful! I made a commitment to meet her! I ended up working with her twice a week for years. Wow! Who knew working out would be so fun?! Kristi was a great motivator, encouraging me with a smile to try new things each week. She was always reading a new book ( uh-oh) or taking educational classes to further help her clients. I enjoyed seeing my body change and become stronger! I started seeing muscles in my arms! “What! You want me to do men’s push ups?” I did accomplish things I never thought I could do! What was inspiring was she practiced what she preached, also living a very healthy lifestyle. She did running and weight training regularly. I was impressed she did marathons! I’ll always be, "One of Kristi’s girls!"  She inspired me to continue weight training to this day. She always asks me, "How are your workouts?” Guess it stuck."

    -Cindy H.

    "I can't say enough about Kristi!  I have known her for a  very long time. She is absolutely one of the most amazing people I jokingly call my "sister."  She is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the health and wellness industry.  She will change your life inside and out.  Start with a consultation. You decide.  Do you want changes for the long haul? Make the investment in getting healthier. She will walk you through it, from beginner to the most advanced. It can be done online. Please check it out. My life would not be the same without her. She helped me train and complete my first marathon and even ran the last 13 miles with me."

    -Molly B.

    "Kristi believed in me in ways that I didn’t know I needed. She inspired me to be a lifelong athlete. In fact, if it were not for her, I would have never pursued my Spinning Certification and taught Spinning classes all throughout my college experience. She instilled the importance of good nutrition in me and that there was more to life than diet ‘fat free’ foods. I really owe her for getting me started on a healthy lifestyle and fostering the potential that she knew I had inside."

    -Carolyn A.


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